Healthcare Symposium and New Members

The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal’s recent symposium on Healthcare Reform in the United States, co-sponsored with the Connecticut Law Review, was a great success.  Attendance was excellent on both days of the event, with an enthusiastic audience of academics, students, and practitioners joining us to discuss the legal implications and policy considerations surrounding healthcare reform.  From the perspective of the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal, healthcare reform is a pressing current issue, and has the potential to bring about massive changes to coverage and to the way insurance is purchased.  We would like to thank the staff of both journals for their role in coordinating this event, particularly our own Symposium Editor, Lesley Chuang, as well as all of our panelists, moderators, and everyone in attendance, for making this symposium thought-provoking and engaging event.

In other news, the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal would like to congratulate its new and returning members as they near completion of our upcoming Volume 18, Issue 1.  Our authors have contributed fantastic articles and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.