1.          Volume 17, Issue 2

We are proud to present Volume 17, Issue 2. A full copy can be accessed here.


  • The Standard of Materiality for Misrepresentations under New York Insurance Law – A State of Unwarranted Confusion, Andrew Amer & Linda H. Martin — fulltext
  • Liability Insurance Coverage For Clergy Sexual Abuse Claims, Peter Nash Swisher & Richard C. Mason — fulltext
  • Bad Policy For Good Policies: Article 9’s Insurance Exclusion, Andrew Verstein — fulltext

Notes and Commentaries

  • The Complexity of the Mandatory Medicare Section 111 Reporting Rules and Its Practical Legal Affects – Is There A Break in Sight, Crystal L. Fraser — fulltext
  • Down the Road to Perdition: How the Flaws of Basel II Lef to the Collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, John F. Rosato — fulltext

2.          Volume 17, Issue 1

We are proud to present Volume 17, Issue 1.  A full copy can be accessed here.


  • Regulating Risk by “Strengthening Corporate Governance”, Paul Rose — fulltext
  • Justification Norms Under Uncertainty: A Preliminary Inquiry, Claire A. Hill — fulltext
  • Catalysts for Clarification: Modern Twist on the Insurable Interest Requirement for Life Insurance, Robert S. Bloink — fulltext
  • Rating Dependent Regulation of Insurance, John Patrick Hunt — fulltext

Notes and Commentaries

  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company v. Glenn: Will the Supreme Court Decision Reduce Confusion After Firestone, Ryan M. LoRusso — fulltext
  • Fronting Arrangements: Industry Practices and Regulatory Concerns, Esteban Carranza-Kopper — fulltext
  • Annuity Coeptis: Is There a Way to Avoid American Equity Investment Life Insurance Co. v. SEC Becoming a Herald for the SEC Gaining Regulatory Control Over All Securities-Related Insurance Products?, Russell Hasan — fulltext


3.          Volume 16, Issue 2

We are proud to present Volume 16:2 for the  Fall of 2010.  A full copy can be accessed here.  Otherwise, please browse the articles below.


  • Solvency II: The Ambitious Modernization of the Prudential Regulation of Insurers and Reinsurers Across the European Union (EU), Michael J-H. Smith — fulltext
  • Congress’ Self-Inflicted Sisyphean Task: The Insurance Industry’s Federal Antitrust Exemption and the Insurance Industry Competition Acts of 2007 and 2009, Anthony J. Alt — fulltext

Book Reviews

  • The Language of Lives, Jill C. Anderson — fulltext
  • Review of Timothy Alborn’s Regulated Lives, Sharon Murphy — fulltext
  • Regulated Lives in Historiographical Context, Geoffrey Clark — fulltext
  • Author Response: Regulated Lives, Timothy Alborn — fulltext

Notes and Commentaries

  • Into the Unknown: The Reach of Environmental Insurance in Cases, Caroline Vazquez — fulltext
  • The Liability Insurance Regulation of Religious Institutions after the Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Scandal, Alana Bartley — fulltext
  • Coverage for Kidneys: The Intersection of Insurance and Organ Transplantation, Melissa Wong — fulltext