Membership on the Journal

Members are chosen each year from the upcoming class of second year students. Along with several of the other journals on campus, we select out members through the summer joint write-on competition. In addition, a relatively small number of students grade on to the journal.

Transfer students should contact Jay McCormick at immediately if interested in membership on the Connecticut Insurance Law Journal. Transfer students must submit a resume and either a writing sample containing a minimum of twenty footnote citations or a writing sample and a completed bluebook exercise, which will be provided upon request.

Our members have a broad background of skills and academic interests. Some current members have years of experience in the insurance industry. Although we encourage all members to take an insurance law class by the end of their second year, many people do not do so until the spring of that year. In their first year, new members complete approximately four to six cite checks and write a note or a comment. In their second year of membership, most members choose to run for a position on the Editorial Board. Please contact Jay McCormick at for inquiries about membership.

Editorial Board


Danielle Jaffee

Managing Editor 

Kathleen Coss


Assistant Managing Editor

Regina McCarthy



Administrative Editor 

Nicholas Stadnyk


Executive Editors 

Amanda Bellmar

Andrew DePeau

Christina Lindberg

Andrew Eaton




Research Editor 

Raymond Carta







Lead Articles Editors 

Kenney Pun

Michael Thomason



Notes & Comments Editors 

Daniel Kagan

Melanie Orphanos

Matt Studer

Lindsey Richardson




Associate Editors 

Alexander Anastasio

Marissa Arnold

Robert Cane

Sandra Marin

Scott Smith



Technology Editor 

Krysti Williams







Symposium Editor 

Laurie Manion


Competition Editor 

Lucas Nevola


Legal Abstracts Editor 

Andrew Cascudo


Faculty Advisor


Patricia A. McCoy



Nicole Ackerman Peter Anastasio Paul Arce
Liam Bailey Pamela Bass Alexandra Crean
Emily Deans Stephen Finucane Liza Fletcher
Courtney Hays Michael Hernandez Rollin Horton
Alison Iannotti Eva Kolstd DavidĀ  Lachance
Melissa Lauretti Jeff Mastrianni Emily McDonnell
Ryan McLean Ashely Noel Michael Pellin
Cheryl Povilonis Mike Randall 


Hannah Reischer
Danielle Jaffee