Volume 20, Issue 2

We are proud to present Volume 20, Issue 2.  A full copy can be accessed here.



  • Overlooked and Underused: Clinical Practice Guidelines and Malpractice Liability for Independent Physicians — Ronen Avrahamfull text


  • The Social Costs of Choice, Free Market Ideology and the Empirical Consequences of the 401(k) Plan Large Menu Defense — Mercer Bullardfull text
  • Rethinking ERISA’s Promise of Income Security in a World of 401(k) Plans— Lawrence A. Frolikfull text
  • The Surprising Equality of Retirement Time: Evidence From the Health and Retirement Survey— Anthony Bonen & Teresa Ghilarduccifull text
  • Desperate Retirees: The Perplexing Challenge of Covering Retirement Health Care Costs in a YoYo World— Richard L. Kaplanfull text
  • An Affordable Care Act for Retirement Plans?— Amy B. Monahanfull text
  • Revenue Sharing in 401(k) Plans: Employers as Monitors?— Dana M. Muirfull text
  • Retirement Policies and Related Social Changes in the Lifecycle— Russell K. Osgoodfull text
  • California Dreaming: The California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust Act— Edward A. Zelinskyfull text


  • Minding the Gap: Seeking Autism Coverage in Class Actions When State and Federal Laws Fail— Danielle M. Jaffee — full text
  • NFL’s Litigation Skates Onto the Ice— Melanie A. Orphanos — full text


Volume 20, Issue 1

We are proud to present Volume 20, Issue 1.  A full copy can be accessed here.


  • “You Want Insurance With That?” Using Behavioral Economics to Protect Consumers From Add-On Insurance Products  — Tom Baker & Peter Siegelmanfulltext
  • Reconciling the Irreconcilable Conflict in Insurance Severability of Interests Clause Interpretation — Johnny Parkerfulltext
  • Does an Insured Have a Duty to Mitigate Damages When the Insurer Breaches? — James M. Fischerfulltext
  • PEICL — The Project of a European Insurance Contract Law — Christian Armbruesterfulltext


  • An Introduction to Climate Change Liability Litigation and a View to the Future — Michael B. Gerrard & Joseph A. MacDougaldfulltext
  • Keynote Address, Climate Related Extreme Events, Liability Regimes & the Role of the Global Insurance Industry  — John H. Fitzpatrick fulltext
  • Is Global Warming a Covered “Accident”? An Analysis of AES Corp. v. Steadfast Insurance Co.  — Rex Heinke & Warren J. Birofulltext
  • Locality of Harm: Insurance and Climate Change in the 21st Century — William T.J. de la Marefulltext

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