Volume 22, Issue 1

We are proud to present Volume 22, Issue 1. A full copy can be accessed here.


  • Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Except the MedMal Settlements — Tom Baker, Eric Helland and Jonathan Klick — full text
  • Reference Pricing: A small and mighty solution to bend the health care cost curve — Srishti Miglani — full text


  • An Alternate Theory of  Burwell v. Hobby Lobby — Jessica L. Roberts — full text
  • The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: What Does It Really Do? — John G. Day — full text


  • Adoption Disruption Insurance: A Policy That America Is Not Ready To Adopt — Gregory J. Chase — full text

Volume 21, Issue 2

We are proud to present Volume 21, Issue 2. A full copy can be accessed here.


  • Safeguarding State Interests in Health Insurance Exchange Establishment — Christine H. Monahan — full text
  • Erie Denied: How Federal Courts Decide Insurance Coverage Cases Differently and What to Do About It — John L. Watkins — full text


  • America’s Growing Problem: How the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Failed to Go Far Enough in Addressing the Obesity Epidemic — Ashley A. Noel — full text
  • Even I Can’t Cover Me: Examining the NCAA’s Effective Prohibition on “Loss of Value” Insurance for Its Student-Athletes — Michael D. Randall — full text

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